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Mar 17, 2010

AL2010 :: STORY ::

Featuring Andy Bayiates, Bob Lane, and extra special guests, the Neo-futurists. What's your story?

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  1. Great show! A fine mixture of various creative expressions that fit together to support the idea of STORY.

    I really like "Volcano God" and, of course, the water buffalo!

  2. hi, just a note to say i enjoyed listening to the show on story. long ago i was a student of bob's at mal-u and it was good to hear him again! as always he teaches with intelligeence and emotion! thanks...

  3. Hello and thanks for the feedback! I was also a student of Bob's at Mal-U '92-'94. A real treat having him as a regular contributor on the show.

  4. I caught the show STORY just yesterday. "Volcano God" is a great piece and like you guys I was an SOB (student of bob) too! His contribution was first rate, but then he was always first rate. Lots of students were devastated when he retired. He was as one of my friends put it "the Wayne Gretzky of philosophy". Good luck with your radio show! - George