a musical 2010 approach to philosophy, sociology and politics

Oct 30, 2010

Oct 22, 2010

Oct 15, 2010

BG2010 :: CHINA ::

The first to invent porcelain, silk, gunpowder and Kungfu. Hosted by Noam Ash as the robot David Carradine.

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Oct 7, 2010

BF2010 :: DUST ::

A cloud of fine, dry particles, widely present in the galaxy.

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Oct 4, 2010

BE2010 :: GANDHI ::

Pronounced [moːɦən̪d̪aːs kərəmʨən̪d̪ ɡaːn̪d̪ʱiː]. Always ready for a fight where there is injustice. With your host, Noam Ash as the robot Ben Kingsley.

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